As an Ordained Minister for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with couples from many diverse backgrounds and cultures.  I have performed all styles of weddings from traditional, to theme oriented, spiritually based, non religious, or just a simple " I Do."  I believe your wedding and your vows should be what you want them to be. 

 For the record, I like to state that I am a very flexible person.  I work well under perceived pressure.  I believe that laughter is a way of life and that the Divine is in the midst of every situation bringing Peace, Joy and Love. 


If you have chosen to do premarital counseling we will begin those sessions

Rev. Doreene Hamilton 

A traditional wedding ceremony is a tried and true ceremony.  It can be a religious or non-denominational service.  If your desire is to experience this, it is of course available to you.


I will forward you a contract which will include everything discussed for you to sign and return with a deposit.

How We Work Together


Depending upon scheduling you will receive a copy of your service two weeks prior to your wedding day for your approval.   However, if  I was hired less than two weeks before your wedding day, you will receive your copy as soon as humanly possible, if requested.



We will discuss all the elements you desire for your ceremony.  This includes the style of your wedding, the vows, special blessings and things that will make it true to you and your beloved.

This space is reserved for the Angels. The true workers for Divine Outcome.


If I am writing your vows (and I often do), I will send you a questionnaire to help me know the two of you.  This also helps if we are doing any type of special wedding.

Interfaith / Intercultural

These weddings offer an opportunity to build bridges of understanding by keeping the focus on the love that brings us all together on your wedding day.  It is my privilege to create a ceremony that fully honors each of your religious backgrounds, cultures, spiritual  or ethnic heritages. In an Interfaith or an Intercultural ceremony we honor your traditions  with words, music prayers and rituals in a way that is inclusive and stresses the love and common ground that brings you together as one.

Civil / Contemporary / Commitment

You can have a lovely ceremony based on the love that draws you together as a couple and what is most meaningful to you in life, to both of you.  Poetry, music and ritual elements can be used to create a wonderful heartfelt wedding ceremony full of love and celebration.

Types of  Wedding Services


Spiritual, but not Religious

I will create a beautiful ceremony, incorporating what is most meaningful to both of you. Today more and more people are choosing a non-traditional spiritual path, which is often a blend of elements from diverse sources that together create a unique and heartfelt expression of love for the Divine. It is my honor to craft a wedding ceremony for you both that is a synthesis of the spiritual journeys that brought you together.

I like to speak with a couple if possible to make sure I am the best Minister for you.

That contact is done either by phone, in person, or by email.  This session also lets us know the timeline we are working with, what is needed or requested on your part, travel arrangements and all the particulars in preparing for your special day.