Travel Pricing

NO TRAVEL FEES if within 20 miles of Officiant's home in Los Feliz!  *

 21-34 Miles - $25
 35-49 Miles - $50
 50-74 Miles - $75   
 75-100 Miles - $100+

Destination Wedding


*Due to the rise in gas prices in 2022 there may be an additional fee attached to current rates.

​** Fee to Coordinate your rehearsal is $50.00 per hour plus Mileage

Lateness ***

More often than not weddings run late. However, if I have to wait one hour or more for the ceremony to begin there is a $50.00 per hour additional charge. 


Lower rates Monday - Thursday

Ask about our Military Discounts!

I work with all my couples to create a beautiful ceremony that falls well inside their particular budget.

 Types of Ceremonies

A Simple "I Do" Service

This service is the one you have seen a million times over.  No bells.  No whistles.  Just the vows.

This service is limited to five guests or less.

This service lasts about 10 minutes.

Cost: $300.00

Standard Service

This is the traditional service. It includes the standard vows, ring blessings and all the things that make your service nice.  You can include a reading or bring a soloist of your choice to complete your service and make it special.  

Cost: $400.00

Customized Service

This Package makes your wedding a stand out event. I will work with you to create a ceremony that speaks to you.

I will write your vows for you, or assist you in creating your own vows. 

You can select as many of the "special blessings" to make your service complete.

This is also a great choice if you are doing a "theme" wedding or renewing your vows!

Cost: $425.00

Both the Standard and Customized Service include a meeting with me to go over all the elements of your wedding and unlimited phone calls and email communications.


I will come to your venue for your rehearsal and teach your wedding party their roles in your ceremony.

I will work with you in organizing your wedding order, processional and recessional.   
We will discuss the size of your party and plan every part of your ceremony before the rehearsal with your party. 

This is a very well spent fee, especially if you have no wedding coordinator to do this for you.  *

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is more than a pretty ceremony where everyone dresses up and has a good time.  It's a lifetime commitment to grow together.  

In our sessions, we look at the goals of the marriage and of the individuals.  We look at key elements that will help you keep the doors of communication open and the love flowing.

1 Session $100.00   3 Session Package $175.00