A special blessing can only enhance your wedding experience.  I offer many of the ones you are familiar with and I am also open to blessings and ceremonies that are culturally or spiritually important to you.

A few that are offered include:

  • African Ceremony: Tasting of the 4 elements, Pouring Libations 

  • Buddhist Blessing

  • Candle Ceremony: Done by the Mothers

  • First Gift Ceremony

  • Hand Blessing

  • Handfasting Blessing

  • Irish Blessing

  • Jumping the Broom 

  • Planting a Flower 

  • Planting a Tree

  • Rose Exchange

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Seven Blessings 

  • Water Blessing


  • Wine, Cocktail, or Tequila Ceremony

Special Blessings /Ceremonies /Traditions